Can You Get Rich From Trading Binary Options?

call-put-binaryIt is easy to make a lot of money from trading options, but many people will not. Being successful trading binary options will greatly depend on your ability to build and maintain a successful trading strategy. Discipline will determine your trading profitability over time and your willingness to adapt to any market changes that may happen with time. Many of the people never need dedication in order to get rich from binary trading. The only way to succeed is by working hard and having a systematic approach when binary trading.

If you can trade profitably in a systematic manner, then that will be your gateway to more money and a better future for you. If you want to make a lot of money from trading binary options, then you have to maintain a high enough winning percentage over large numbers Once you know how to profitably trade, you can then increase the size of our trades, and you will see your earnings starting to increase.

Why It’s Difficult To Get Rich From Day Trading?

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Making a lot of money from day trading is one of the hardest things for people to do. There are a couple of reasons behind this, and it is even becoming more difficult over time.

Computer algorithms have gotten rid of any short-term inefficiencies in the markets. This is where day traders used to exploit to make a lot of money.

Stock market transactions usually occur in a fractionated marketplace. Every transaction took place in the New York Stock Exchange, the trader knows the buy to sell ratios on books, and could easily predict the direction of the trade basing on the inventory of orders. The transactions today take place over ECN markets and dark pools, and NYSE uses the electronic order matching system today.

If you want to use binary options as your trading instrument, then you need to win more than half of the total trades (assuming that all the positions are the same) The binary options have been designed in such an idea that the brokerage on aggregate will make 50% winning trades and lose the other 50% to contend with, meaning they will be making money over a large sample size. A trader would need a system that maintains a winning percentage consistently in order to make profits.

A trader needs a lot of discipline when trading binary options when trading because a trader needs a high winning percentage (they need to minimize the losses when trading other securities) this can be a challenge to maintain over a long period time for many people. A professional trader will always tell you that a small lapse in discipline can cause you to make a lot of losses.

It’s Still Possible To Get Rich Trading Binary Options


It can sometimes seem impossible to make a lot of money from trading, but it is on impossible. Binary options usually pay out 70% to 90% above the trade size of a winning trade. With this type o potential, you can see why it is possible to get rich. If you want to make a lot of money, then there are a number of important steps you will need to take.

Building a Strategy Using a Demo Account

It is very important for every trader to have a demo account so that they can test and make strategies. With a demo account, a trader has the ability to experiment without the risk of losing any money. Once the trader has developed a strategy that is reliable, then he move from the demo account to the real money environment. If you have no clue when building your strategy, then you should consider that there are 3 directions that a trader can take.

Reading the market – This usually involves looking at the share inventories on the books and also looking at the prints of the stock market. A trader will read the directions of the prominent order flow, and the way the market is trading every day. You need good data feeds showing prints across all ECN markets, order books, and dark pools in order to develop a market read. You will then be required to watch the individual stocks, and the whole market closely over a period of time and how factors affect the direction of the market.

reading the market binaryUsing technical indicators – This is one of the most popular methods used by traders. Many people usually start by using indicators like MACD, the relative strength index, Fibonacci ratios, or moving averages. Whichever you decide to use, ensure you apply the stock where the indicator is a good fit (every indicator will not work for every stock) There are a number of market conditions that can lend themselves to certain indicators better than others. In order to make money, you will need to do some testing and hone your strategy by trying out different indicators at different times.

Use of a trade indicator tool – There are a number of companies that provide software that can give traders a buying and selling signal. They do not work all the time, just like any indicator, but can do well during certain market conditions. At How We Trade we recommend market club. You can sign up for a free trial by clicking on the auto trade indicator on the menu.

Whichever method you with, ensure you have tested and refined it in a demo account environment. Only when you have won many of the trades can you then move in to the real trading account.

Scale Up Your Size Steadily

You can exploit a profitable strategy, you will need to steadily increase the size of your trades. It is recommended not to increase the size by large jumps (this will prevent a couple of losses clearing your whole account). As a trader, you have to accept that there is no strategy that is forever effective. If you have a strategy that works, you need to use it as much as possible when it lasts. Taking small trades will not lead you to riches, but if you are able to increase trade size enough, then you can make a lot of money.

Have a Positive Attitude even When You Lose

No matter how good a trader is, he/she is always going to get some losses. It is very important to keep a positive frame of mind even when you are going through a difficult time. Having a positive attitude will help you not to miss winning trades that come your way in the future. It will also help in preventing self-destructive behavior that many traders allow themselves to engage in (trading recklessly) Read here for mastering your emotions while trading.

Recognize When Your Strategy No Longer Works and be quick to Adapt

One mistake that many traders make is trying to cling to a strategy that used to work and is no longer profitable. A successful trader will always realize when their strategy needs some adjustments and stop trading. Remember that losing your money is way worse than not making any trade at all. If you find that a strategy is no longer working, then you will need to go back to the demo account and adjust or entirely develop a new one. Successful traders will not waste any of their time trading using a losing strategy. Trade using only a winning strategy.

Will You Get Rich?


This entirely relies on you. While it may not be easy, there are many traders who have made a lot of money from the markets. Binary options trading is no exception. The key is exploiting any security and every strategy as much as possible. Be highly disciplined, have a positive attitude when winning and losing, and develop a winning strategy. It is important to be always disciplined when trading. Doing this will take you one step closer to being rich.

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